Water Tanks

We are proud suppliers of the new generation Roterra water tanks by Roto.


The Roto range includes small, medium, large and extra large tanks, storing from 20,000 to 65,000 litres. If you need something larger, simply connect the tanks together.


Rainwater harvesting can significantly reduce water consumption from the water supply system and so you can save money on utility bills, whilst also being eco-friendly.

Why install a Roto tank?


Reduced installation costs. These tanks require a shorter construction pit and less backfill material during installation than standard tanks.


Reduced shipping costs.  Even the 65,000 litre tank fits on a lorry.


World-leading design. Designed so that the forces of earth are at favourable angles, putting less pressure on the side of the tank. Low maintenance, easy to clean.


Increased volume in relation to the surface area - the unique design achieves a larger volume per unit of length.


Premium rotomoulded quality that will last 50+ years.


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