Roterra 2450 Water Storage Tanks - 10 Sizes

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Product Overview

The new generation Roto Roterra 2450 underground water tanks have arrived in the UK, and they are impressive.

Roterra 2450 water tanks are easy to install, low maintenance and easy to clean due to the polyethylene material used.

Collecting rainwater can significantly reduce water consumption from the water supply system and so can save you money on utility bills, while also being eco-friendly.

The underground rainwater harvesting tanks can be supplied in 10 different sizes to suit all situations. If you need a larger system or want to expand your current system, simply connect the tanks together via the necessary pipework.

Key Product Features:

  • Rotomoulded using (PE) polyethylene material.
  • Wall thickness of the tank is 8mm to 14mm.
  • 3 x Hinged lid for pedestrian use rated at (2kn) 200 kg load weight.
  • It's possible to adjust the riser and lids by 300mm to allow for flexiblity when installing.
  • It's possible to add an additional extension to the riser for a deeper installation of 500mm.
  • Excellent statics, resistance to pressure from the earth and external forces.

Each tank can be made to your requirements, so if you want any of the below features adding this can be arranged.

  • Pre-drilled inlet and outlet at Ø50mm, Ø110mm, Ø125mm, Ø160mm, Ø200mm
  • Larger 800mm hinged cover and lid.
  • Standard 600mm driveable cover and lid at 125kn, 250kn and 400kn.

Rotarra 2450 Benefits:

Roto have designed the tank to increase the volume in relation to the surface area, acheiving a larger volume per unit of length. This helps to (i) reduce the cost of shipping due to being able to fit a 65,000 litre tank on a lorry, and (ii) reduce installation costs due to having to extract less soil. 

Loading and Unloading:

The water tank can be lifted with lifting straps in marked places within the ribs of the tank or removed by a forklift / telehandler. Please carefully check your vehicle and strap weight restrictions.


Tank Statics: 

The Roterra 2450 water tank is designed so that the forces of earth are at favourable angles, putting less pressure on the side of the tank. The sides are designed to be steep so the earth is transmitted away.


Tank Installation: 

The profile of the Roterra 2450 water tank gives an increased volume of tank in relation to its' surface area. Therefore, the tanks require a shorter construction pit and less backfill material during installation, reducing costs.


Tank Warranty:

It's very important to follow the instructions for installation in regards to fitting any underground water tanks. If fitted correctly, Roto tanks will last for 50+ years. The warranty provided on the Roterra 2450 is 60 months watertightness from the invoice date of the tank. Pre-conditions for warranty benefits are proper handling, assembly and installation according to the Roto guidelines. The warranty may become invalid if any of these conditions are breached.

Roterra 2450 Undergound Tank Sizes:

  • 20,000L - A 4690mm x B 2425mm x C 2700-3000mm
  • 25,000L - A 5720mm x B 2425mm x C 2700-3000mm
  • 30,000L - A 6550mm x B 2425mm x C 2700-3000mm
  • 35,000L - A 7320mm x B 2425mm x C 2700-3000mm
  • 40,000L - A 8510mm x B 2425mm x C 2700-3000mm
  • 45,000L - A 9870mm x B 2425mm x C 2700-3000mm
  • 50,000L - A 10850mm x B 2425mm x C 2700-3000mm
  • 55,000L - A 11500mm x B 2425mm x C 2700-3000mm
  • 60,000L - A 12480mm x B 2425mm x C 2700-3000mm
  • 65,000L - A 13600mm x B 2425mm x C 2700-3000mm


Our shipping costs cover most of the UK - however, Scottish Highlands and Islands including areas north of the Glasgow / Edinburgh border, Isle of Wight, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Anglesey, Western Isles, Shetland Islands, Orkney Islands and Isles of Scilly may cost more.

Our lead times should only be used as a guide and are subject to change


It is the customer's responsibility to offload with suitable equipment on the day of delivery and a failed delivery may result in additional charges.

We recommend installers and/or plant hire & materials for install such as excavators, aggregates etc are not booked until you are in receipt of the goods. Outdoor Outlet cannot be held responsible for costs incurred due to unforeseen delays.

If you have any questions regarding your delivery please contact the Sales Team on 01327 317441.

Product Photos: Additional lifestyle images show various size tanks.


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