​Why Should I Compost? Here's 6 Reasons to Start With!

Posted by Toni on 24th Jun 2022

​Why Should I Compost? Here's 6 Reasons to Start With!

1. It’s good for your garden. 

First and foremost, composting is very beneficial for your garden! The compost you create will help the insects and bugs in your garden to thrive. Encouraging more insects into your garden will encourage biodiversity. A worm-filled vegetable bed means healthy soil and healthy plants! 

2. It’s good for you, too! 

Using your own compost on your own veggies will give you healthy organic food to eat – much better for your health (and tastier, too). 

3. Less stuff in landfill. 

Composting at home reduces the amount of household waste going in to landfill. Of course, in an ideal world, we would all only buy and prepare the exact amount of food we want to eat, but inevitably, there is always some food waste. The majority of it is thrown in to the black bin and taken to landfill. You might think, well it’s food, so it will decompose wherever it goes, right? Unfortunately not – landfill sites aren’t designed to facilitate decomposition the way that your home composter is. 

4. Less nasty stuff in our air. 

Landfills emit an awful lot of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, like methane. Waste that’s incinerated releases carbon dioxide, too. Reducing your household waste is therefore doing your bit to slow down climate change. 

5. It will save you money. 

Chances are, if you’re not making your own compost, you’ll probably go out and buy some from a garden centre. Making your own is much cheaper, and will probably be much better quality, too. A lot of the stuff you can buy is peat-based – make your own and protect the peat in our ground. You might also avoid the garden waste collection charges imposed by some local authorities. 

6. It makes you feel good! 

Just like everything else we grow and produce in the garden, we find it very satisfying to create our own ‘homegrown’ stuff! 

So now you know why you should be doing it, all you have to do is get started! 

Don’t know where to start composting? Take a look at the Outdoor Outlet range of composters and give us a shout if you need any further help!