Rainwater Harvesting Is Easier Than You Think!

Posted by Toni at Outdoor Outlet on 7th Nov 2022

Rainwater Harvesting Is Easier Than You Think!

Saving rainwater is great for you, your plants, your wallet and the environment! It’s easy to get started – you simply need to think about the space that you have to store rainwater and how you’re going to use the water. 

We have solutions for all sizes of property and garden. Our water butts go from the smallest 50 litre water butt (perfect for a small patio) to our massive 65,000 litre underground water tanks! 

Filtered rainwater can be used for all kinds of things including watering plants and lawns, flushing toilets and cleaning the car, saving you money on your utility bills.

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Outdoor Outlet Rainwater Harvesting Infographic