32mm I.D - Water Butt Extension Hose - Per Metre

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Product Overview

Our flexible, non-kink, premium hose has an internal size of 32mm and can be used with the 3P Filtre Collection. It is good for extending the distance from your downpipe diverter to your water butt or using for linking additional water butts.

The high-quality UV-resistant material is perfect for better flow rates, by preventing algae from growing inside the black hose it ensures a clear and unobstructed water flow. Its flexible and durable PVC material is well suited to a wide variety of applications around the pond, garden or home

For each quantity you choose, it will be a continuous length and not cut. For example: 5 x quantity = 5 metres in uncut length.

Product Information:

  • Inside Diameter 32mm
  • Ribbed flexible PVC hose
  • Non-Kink
  • Supplied as one length
  • Warranty: 1 Year 

The hose is designed to work with the 3P Filter Collector (not suitable for the Gutter Mate or Harcostar divertor as the hose is to large). Most diverter kits supply a 500mm length of hose - this product allows you to buy per metre the length you require.

Please note that we are unable to accept returns on a product that has been cut to your individual requirements.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review