3P Filter Collector with Universal Fitting Kit - 4 Colours

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Product Overview

3P down-pipe mounted rainwater filter and rain diverter, available in four colours - Black, Brown, Grey and White.

Highly efficient, and quick and easy to install. The 3P Filter Collector fits all standard UK downpipe sizes 68mm to 110mm without needing to be adapted. There are no moving parts to go wrong and the high quality stainless steel filter mesh will not rust. Designed to last, the body is made of impact resistant UV-stabilised durable plastic. It is completely frost and weather resistant.

Collects rainwater while filtering out leaves and larger particles. The particles continue on down your down pipe along with the overflow when the water-butt is full.

Outlet fits 75mm (3"), 50mm (2") and 32mm (1 1/4") pipes or hose and comes complete with the Universal Link Kit for the 32mm outlet. Connect to your water butts or thin-walled tanks up to 30cm from the downpipe. 

Product Information:

  • Filters and collects rainwater for the best possible water quality.
  • Fits all UK round down-pipes from 68 to 100mm, square 65 to 75mm (not just 65 square and 68mm round).
  • Durable high quality impact resistant UV stabilised plastic casing.
  • Stainless steel filter mesh.
  • Once the tank is full the filter acts as the tank overflow.
  • Filter can be turned to 'off' position to stop diverting water.
  • Includes 30cm of 32mm flexible hose, hosetail, backnut, rubber sealing washer and 32mm flatbit (for cutting hole in tank or water-butt, full pictorial instructions are included).

Technical Information:

  • Max Roof Size: 90m2
  • Max Water Tank Size: 10,000L
  • Outlets: 32mm (when used with the supplied hose), 50mm or 75mm (if you use your own hose assembly)
  • Switchable: "OPEN/CLOSE" settings
  • Filter Collector Dimensions: 270mm high x 134mm deep x 260mm wide (max) + hose length
  • Colours: Black, Grey, White and Brown


(No reviews yet) Write a Review