Water Butts & Accessories

We are proud stockists of the Roto range of beautiful oak effect rain barrels.


These super strong rotomoulded water butts have been tested to extreme temperatures to ensure that they will not fade, crack or split in all conditions.  You can leave them out all year round, even full, and they will continue to look as good as the day you bought them for years to come.


Ready to set up your own rainwater harvesting system? Whether you have a small or large garden, we have the tools to set up an effective way to recycle your rainwater and help you feed your plants in the process. 

Buy once, buy quality.


Rotomoulding is a lengthy process whereby polyethylene is rotated s-l-o-w-l-y inside a mould. The mould heats and melts the plastic in to shape in layers, then it is cooled while the barrel solidifies. Each piece is then removed from the mould and hand finished. The process requires a great deal of skill and the result is an incredibly strong, premium quality piece that’s built to last a lifetime.


Won't fade... even when left out in all weathers.

Won't crack or split... unlike a traditional wood barrel.

Looks beautiful... no more hiding your water butt away in a corner!


Available in 50 litre, 120 litre, 240 litre, 350 litre sizes, and also as a 130 litre conical shape barrel.




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