Water Butt Connector - Linking Kit

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Product Overview

The Water Butt Connection & Linking Kit is all you need to transfer water from one water butt to another. This kit allows you to add additional water butts to the one you already have, so you can collect more water.

Choose if you would like to fit the kit at the top or bottom of the water butt or rain barrel and drill the holes to allow the fitment of the 2 x hose tails ¾” BSP Male thread. Once both of the hose tails are fitted to the water butt or rain barrel, just push the 50cm extension hose on each end connecting both the water butts.

The kit allows you to put two or more water butts adjacent to each other and there is no limit to this.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x 50cm Extension Hose (25mm O.D. / 20mm I.D.)
  • 2 x Hose Tails (20mm O.D.)

This is not a Diverter:

The connection & linking kit is not for transferring water from your downpipe to the water butt or rain barrel, only from one water butt to another. If you require a water diverter to go from the downpipe to water butt please look here

Why should I collect rainwater?

Collecting free rainwater allows you to reduce your water bill and provides water which is free from chlorine - a chemical added to drinking water that inhibits plant growth. Another benefit of storing rainwater outside is the natural temperature of the water, which will not shock your plants like cold water from a tap can do.

Fitting Instructions:

Fiting Instructions are supplied with the goods as well as here.

The water butts should be on a level surface amd no more than 39cm apart when using the 50cm pipe. The water butts can either be connected at the top or bottom. If connected at the bottom the 2 water butts will fill at the same rate. If connected at the top the first water butt will fill then run into the second water butt.

  1. Drill an approx 25mm hole. 25cms from the top or bottom into opposite sides of the water butt. Before drilling make sue both butts are facing with the taps at the front. WARNING: Do not use an electric drill if there is any water in the water butts.
  2. Fit the washer to the connector and screw tight into the water butt using the backing nut on the inside.
  3. Join the water butts together with the supplied hose. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review