Wheelbarrow Wheel - 4PLY Pneumatic - Inc Bearings

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Product Overview

Wheelbarrow Wheels are a key part to any wheelbarrow. They allow the smooth running of a wheelbarrow minimizing the amount of effort you require to move those loads around.

This wheel is a pneumatic wheel, so it has air inside of it. This wheel has a very good premium 4PLY to take the heavy loads of your wheelbarrow and aslo has bearings fitted inside for ease of movement. 

Wheelbarrow Fitment Type:

  • MPK & FKK
  • The LV2 wheelbarrows requires an reduction sleeve due to the axle being 16mm. If you already have an LV2, please check you have a reduction sleeve.  

Key Features:

  • Premium 4PLY tyre.
  • Bearings inside.
  • Required Axle size 20mm (You can add a sleeve that has an internal diameter of 17mm and external diameter of 20mm).

The pneumatic wheel soaks up those bumps and steps compaired to the foam filled wheel, but you will need to check the air preasure every now and again. Running your wheelbarrow on a flat tyre makes it move difficult to manoeuvre and the load feel even heavier. 

Can I use this wheel on another wheelbarrow?

Yes, this is not a problem, all you need to check is that the axel diameter is the same and that the current width of your wheel is the same. You do not want it rubbing on the tray.


Material Plastic
Colour Grey
Maximum Load Capability (kg) 200
Net Weight (kg) 2.1
Wheel Size 4.00/4.80 - 8
Wheel Type Pneumatic 4 Ply
Required Axle Size 20mm
Wheel Centre Width  100mm
Max Inflation  2 BAR - 29PSI
Bearings Included Yes
Warranty 1 Year



Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review