Gutter Mate Rainwater Diverter & Filter - Brown

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Product Overview

The Gutter Mate Brown, Diverter & Filter is the UK’s bestselling diverter and filter and we can see why.

It's very easy to use - it allows you to clean the leaves, moss and other debris coming from your guttering and down the downpipe without having to climb a ladder to unblock it. 

It also filters all the water that goes in to your water butt, soakaway and sewer. It can be particularly costly and time consuming trying to fix a soakaway, which can end up with you having to dig another one.

What’s Included:

  • The Gutter Mate itself
  • A round to square adaptor for your square downpipe
  • A blanking cap for the diverter outlet (you can choose whether to use the outlet or not)
  • A hose adaptor for your water butt, two screws and rawl plugs for wall fitment
  • A hosetail, washer and 500mm of hose to connect your Gutter Mate to your water butt or tank

Optional Extras: 

  • A fine mesh insert, which allows you to filter to 800micron, making the water good enough for washing your car, jet washers and flushing toilets.
  • A 25mm drill bit, for drilling a hole in your water butt. Check if your water butt has a pre-drilled hole first.

The Gutter Mate comes in three colours, black, white and brown. It will fit a 68mm, 76mm and 80mm round downpipe and 65mm – 75mm square downpipe. 

What are the benefits?

  • It filters all the water coming down your downpipe.
  • Can save you a lot of money by preventing a soakaway blockage.
  • Very ease to clean and empty the filter basket.
  • Can be used with or without a water butt.

Fitting instructions don't come in the box, so it’s worth watching the YouTube video first.

Follow this link for Assembly Instructions.

Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review